Video Production from Bryan Quinn Media Productions.

Video Sells… Explains… Engages.

If you aren’t using video to convey your brand messaging and/or training material then your audience is only getting half the message! Hundreds of studies have proven that Video keeps people interested. Websites with videos have fewer bounce rates, higher click-throughs and more sales. Training with engaging videos produces better informed students.

But since videos come in many flavors and styles, we work in many different mediums. We not only shoot in live-action but also have talented animators ready to create character driven videos either in full color or whiteboard style. We also shoot with cinema grade drones giving you perspectives that until recently were only available with ridiculously expensive plane or helicopter rentals.

Even if you are working with a tight marketing budget and don’t think you can afford a video, PLEASE call us. We have hundreds of professionally scripted videos in a variety of industries already created. We may already have the perfect video to start selling your services. Then once you see the powerful impact of a well done sales video, we can craft a completely custom creation just for you.

Read on to learn more about our company’s video capabilities.

Live-Action Video Production from Bryan Quinn Media Productions.

High-Impact Sales and Training Videos with up to 4k resolution.

We can produce, film and edit multi-camera videos to satisfy any sales and training need. From full-length video classes, to fast-paced commercials with flashy effects and editing, we have you covered. And with our cutting edge cameras, we can even film in 4k resolution if requested, ensuring that your video will look great in the near future when 4k becomes the new standard. We also offer DVD menu creation and packaging design as well as professional replication services.

We can do:

  • 30 second commercial spots
  • Promotional videos
  • Training videos
  • Presentation Videos
  • And much more!

Bryan Quinn Media Productions Creates High-Impact Animated Sales and Explainer Videos.

Animated videos using kinetic text and animated characters is incredibly popular right now!

We can create attention-grabbing videos that will explain your products and services, keep visitors on your website longer, and convert sales. Tell your customers why they should do business with you either through the use of a fun and friendly character or visually appealing text that is moving around the screen. Our phenomenal artists can even create a customized characters inspired by your industry or drawn to resemble the company figurehead.

High-Impact Whiteboard Sales and Explainer Videos from Bryan Quinn Media Productions.

Videos featuring whiteboards are the hottest thing in on-line marketing.

Using the popular sketch technique, we can create attention-grabbing videos that will explain your products and services, keep visitors on your website longer, and convert sales. This style of video gives viewers the impression that the messages and images are being written by hand as they watch. It is very impactful. These can be created to look like a traditional black marker is drawing on a white board (hence the name) or can now be designed if full color. Either way, you videos can be enhanced through the use of a customized voiceover and/or custom artwork depicting a face your clients will recognize.

Our Aerial Photography and Cinematography Will Give Your Project a Whole New Perspective.

Drones are taking the world by storm. We’ve been working with them for some time now and are proud to offer FAA Certified pilots, which means we are legally allowed to fly for commercial purposes. Why should you care? If you hire a non-certified pilot for a business project you can be liable for up to $10,000 in fines. Visit our Aerial Imaging page for more information on our drone based video and photography services.

Bryan Quinn Video Productions Doesn’t Just Create Your Videos, We Manage Them Too.

Our breakthrough technology makes it easier than ever to market your business with videos.

Ever paid to have a video made, and then weeks later want to change the price or highlight a specific part of the video? That meant you had to go back to the video creator and pay them to completely redo the video.


With our state-of-the-art Managed Video Service, all of your pricing info, buy now buttons, banners, etc. are all overlaid on your site completely independent of the video itself. So making changes is easy and effective. Quickly and easily change the title above a video. Add text, images or buttons below the video. Specify what happens when the video ends – splash image or page redirect. Mark down prices for holiday sales. Or change the highlight banners on different landing pages. We can even add in walk-on characters who can even interact with the main video. We don’t even need your website logon credentials. All you do is place a piece of code on your website at the position you want

the video to be and we take care of the rest from our server. Its incredible technology, we know!

Call us today for more details!

For a free consultation and quote, please give us a call. We are obsessive about the slightest details and will work with you to create a phenomenal video. We have the best voice-over talents available, professional script-writers, Disney level animators, Hollywood-quality editors all standing by to make your company, products and services look their best.