Bryan Quinn Media Productions Builds, Manages and Hosts Websites.

Bryan Quinn Media Productions will make your business stand out.

Our web development team can build you the perfect website. Our style of web design is easy to navigate and makes it clear to your customers what you are selling. We don’t believe in putting appearance before functionality. But we don’t stop at web design.  We can also manage your website so you can focus on running your business instead. And for select customers we also offer boutique web hosting on our private servers.

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Bryan Quinn Media Productions Design’s Eye-catching Websites.

Is your website bringing in customers or scaring them away?

It is crucial that every company have a beautiful looking website that works across all devices and browsers. If your site is more than a year or so old, or if you don’t have one at all, you ARE losing business. Bryan Quinn Media Productions works with you to build an online presence that reflects your company. We work in several structures, based on your needs. We can design a straight html website for you or we can build you one using a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress or Joomla!

Most importantly we will design a site that is clean and simple. DON’T mistake that for boring. That’s not what we mean. We’re sure you’ve visited one of those poorly designed sites that is so visually overstimulating that you can’t hit the back button fast enough. Or the sites that are so structurally broken that you can’t navigate your way around of find what you are looking for, so you leave.

We offer packages ranging from long single-pages (parallax) to five or ten page sites. Need a bigger site than that, no problem. Need an e-commerce site, we can set that up too.

Here are links to a few samples of our work:

Lacrosse Fanatic (a large e-commerce site built using Shopify)

Family Taekwondo Plus

Citrus Heights Hyper Bully Defense

Checkered Flag Interactive Racing

Sacramento Lacrosse (a non-profit youth sports club’s website built with the mandatory webdesign platform dictated by the sanctioning body.)

Bryan Quinn Productions (our live production division)

Don’t forget, a website with videos is significantly more successful than one without. Check out our video production page to learn how we can also create the ultimate video to sell your goods and services.

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Here are a few examples of our web design:

Web design from Bryan Quinn Media Productions
Web design from Bryan Quinn Media Productions
Web design from Bryan Quinn Media Productions
Web design from Bryan Quinn Media Productions
Web design from Bryan Quinn Media Productions
Web design from Bryan Quinn Media Productions

We Don’t Just Build Websites. We Can Manage Them For You Too.

Keeping a website up to date is time consuming.

We don’t just mean the content, but the software and plug-ins need constant updating as well. But you don’t have to worry about it, we’ve got you covered.

We offer basic packages that manage the structure of your website. We will: keep all web software current, provide daily backups, monitor for malware, monitor for server down-time.

Or choose an advanced package that includes everything above but also takes the content out of your hands too. That’s right, we will make an agreed upon number of changes and updates to your website content each month.

Web Hosting Is Also Available Through Bryan Quinn Media Productions.

Is Google punishing you for your “neighbor’s behavior?

There are a lot of web hosting companies out there offering amazing deals (even free) to new customers. But like the cellular phone industry and so many others, these prices are for the first year only. Then you will be shocked how much it costs.

Worse yet you will be lumped onto a shared server with hundreds, if not thousands of other customers. But since these websites are all on the same machine they are often all seen as having the same web IP address, even though they are all different domains and all owned by different people. But when any one of these “neighbors” is reported for sending out spam or having inappropriate content, it is this shared IP address that Google bans and/or penalizes. So much like an apartment complex, the entire community suffers for one tenant’s bad behavior.

We can solve this problem by offering you boutique hosting through our private server. Each customer is screened to ensure that our “community” remains problem free. And the hosting company we contract our server through is the best in the business.

Call our office for details.

For a free consultation and quote, please give us a call at 916-366-8080. Our rates are competitive and our work is first-class. Of course the best price we offer is when all three of these services are bundled together.